To Prime or Not to Prime


To Prime or not to Prime, that is the question. First let's talk about what a Primer does and if you need to use one. Questions you should ask yourself are:
-Is skin texture an issue for me?
-Are enlarged pores an issue for me?
-Does my makeup wear off by end of day?

If you answered yes to any of the above then a primer might be a great option for you! I find that Primers create a perfectly smooth canvas for foundation and also help block my pores from absorbing product hence keeping my makeup in place all day long. In the summer this is a must do step because makeup tends to literally evaporate in hotter weather. 

Here are a few of my current favs and stay tuned for my upcoming article on some super cool and innovative primers I have my eye on!

Photo Cred: $38

Photo Cred:$38

This primer was the first primer I used and truly saw a difference. It has light reflecting pearls which give your skin a healthy sheen and glow.
Tip: Apply this all over the face alone when in a rush. It'll give your skin a refreshing look.

Photo Cred:  $32

Photo Cred: $32

I loved the name of this one! How appropriate for battling tired hungover skin. This silicone free option is great for my Dry/combination skin. I love that it has lots of  great ingredients like coconut water for that cup of water our skin needs. Extra bonus is it also smells yummy.

Tip: If your skin is extra thirsty use this primer with a wet beauty sponge.

Photo Cred:  $54

Photo Cred: $54

This is one of my classic favs. Hourglass products feel like luxury and this primer did not disappoint. It helped blur all of my skins imperfections and because it's oil free and fast absorbing it leaves my skin soft and supple. I love how ingredient conscience this brand is. This primer is 100% free of fragrances, oils, and parabens.

Photo Cred:  $32

Photo Cred: $32

Here a new spin on primer! Primer that you can easily just mist onto the skin. I loved that this Smashbox Primer Water has caffeine in it. I find that this helps to wake up my tired skin. One-two-three mists and you are prepped and ready to go.

Tip: Use it to prep, set, and even refresh throughout the day!

Let me know if you've tried any of my favs or what your current favorite primers are. I'd love to hear from you!

Stay tune for top makeup Setting sprays to keep your makeup completely budge proof!